Complex work requires expertise and the supply of quality goods and services from reputable and professional businesses. It takes many years to find the right mix of sub contractors and suppliers that deliver consistent and affordable products and service that our clients deserve. We understand it only takes one unprofessional sub contractor to spoil a job. We look for innovation in products and product delivery and our company strives to develop a better building industry through education and relationships with peak industry groups.


National Recognition

AIB Philip Kemp is a Chartered Building professional of the Australian Institute of Builders

HIA Greensmart Philip Kemp is a registered Greensmart Professional and Alliance Builders Pty Ltd is a Greensmart business with the Housing Industry association


West Australian Recognition

MBAWA Alliance Builders Pty Ltd is a registered member of the Master Builders of Western Australia


Local Government

Similar to the role of an architect we work with you and local government to establish what you are permitted to build and how it is to be built before we proceed with designing and documenting the build. In some situations we can introduce specialised planning consultants to help guide planning departments in local government through the legislation and give them expert advice as to why they should permit your design. We work with local City and town planning departments within Perth believing frank, friendly, and well informed discussion with the local council is the best method of obtaining value for our client.

Some of our stakeholders have design guidelines particular to their council. For the latest information regarding those guidelines have a look at these links for more information.

City of Vincent

City of Stirling

Town of Cambridge

City of South Perth

City of Subiaco

City of Nedlands

City of Cottesloe