Whether you require assistance for a home renovation or you need an engineering consultant for large scale engineering modelling and advice Alliance builders can help.

We offer a number of Engineering and BIM (Building Information Modelling) Services to Builders and Clients. As part of an agenda to maximise value and minimise waste on site construction companies are turning to sophisticated 3D models to view a structure before it gets built. These models show the problems of and mitigate loss of time and costs on site resulting from services and structural elements not going together as expected. They provide clear advice to subcontractors on the methodology of the build instead of having to allow those subcontractors to work out design problems on site.  Our  building models and shop drawings also establish exacting quantities of materials to budget construction and order materials accurately.

The Company produces 3D models of more complex constructions for both itself and for other builders and produces shop drawings that subcontractors and staff can use on site to ensure accuracy of the build.Our company is equipped with the technical expertise and software required to design and engineer concrete tilt panels, complex concrete suspended slabs and prefabricated structures. The software provides valuable information regarding reinforcement layouts, steel tonnage, and dimensional detailing which can be modified to suit site and subcontractor requirements. Not only does this service mitigate expensive site costs associated with possible clashes in design but it allows clients to have accurate information regarding quantities of product, clear layouts for steel fixers, and confidence from 3D computer modelling that all the steel will tie together effectively prior to going out for supplier pricing. The accurate steel take offs mean budgets are accurate and as a client you have more leverage to negotiate the best possible supply price.

Standard Concrete Tilt Panel Shop DrawingReinforcement schedule produced with the Panel drawings

We are also able to offer subcontractor documentation (shop drawings) incorporating:

Panel Bed locations and Panel lifting sequence.

Engineered lift point hardware and layouts incorporated on the one document.

Crane lifting requirements, crane locations and lifting sequences.

Prop requirements including quoted costs for prop and strong back hire.

We can also offer standard Engineering services including engineering design and documentation for council submission as part of the Building permit process.